Saturday, August 26, 2006

Book review on Yacoubian building

Lorraine Adams reviews Alaa al Aswany´s book, Yacoubiyan building in the New York Times today. The most talked about novel in Egypt in recent years, have been made into a movie, with the largest budget ever in the history of egyptian film. Just as the book, the film caused a lot of controversy,when it hit the screens in Cairo earlier this summer, for instance a heated debate in parliament with some MP´s wanted to censor some scenes, that they thought tarnished Egypt´s reputation. Overall the film has been saved from much of the censorship, although there is one thing missing in the film, the reference to the "big man" by party big shot, Kamal al Fouli.

The New York Times treats it´s readers to the first chapter in the novel, you can find it here.


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