Saturday, July 29, 2006

Egypt´s mufti backs Hizbullah actions

Egypt´s mufti backs Hizbullah actions, contrary to the Saudi religious establishment, which issued fatwas, condeming Hizbullah actions.

At the Arab summit, days after the conflict started, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan critizised Hizbullah´s actions as irresponsible, and the fatwas issued by the saudi religious establishment reflects that policy. The Egyptian Mufti Ali Gomáa´s statement reflects the flexiblity in Egyptian policy, not wanting to be seen, as going against the Egyptian street which is largely behind Hizbullah. Hassan Nasrallah has become a hero among people, of all walks of life in Egypt, which has seen protests in support of Lebanon during the last two weeks, the latest at al Azhar mosque, in Giza and Mansoura yesterday.


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