Friday, July 28, 2006

Time interview with President Mubarak

Scott Macloed has an interesting article, based on written questions to President Mubarak. It´s on the latest crisis in Lebanon and in Palestine.

He describes Egypt´s attempt to release the Israeli soldier in Palestine, and say´s that this is still an ongoing effort(today there were roumours about his imidiate release). He´s blaming Damascus and exile Hamas hardliner, Khaled Mashal for sabotaging. It´s facinatiting to think about the fact that the Egyptian government, via inteligence chief Omar Sulaiman has good relations, deals with, and tries to facilitate talks between Hamas and other palestinean political forces, while at the same time, somewhat trying to minimize the space of their brothers in Egypt, the latest being massarests and election engineering(altough, this particular manouver, might prove unconstitutional, judging from the constitutional court rulling in 1987 upholding the rights of independents to run for office).

One issue, that are not elaborated on, not even in the general sense, is the issue of the troika of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt and their condemnation of Hizbullah, that´s something i would like to hear more about.

It ends like this:

TIME: What is your opinion of how the U.S. and international community responded to the crisis?

MUBARAK: A bit too little, too late. The situation could have been contained at its early stage. Instead, it has been allowed to aggravate, with little effort being exerted within and outside the Security Council. Now is the time for the Council to shoulder its responsibility in the maintenance of international peace and security. The U.S. and the other permanent members have to assume a particular responsibility in this regard. An urgent and serious demarche by the international community is most needed. Egypt stands ready, willing, able and looking forward to contributing to such efforts.

UPDATE: Khaleej Times has a piece on this today, you can find it here


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