Thursday, July 20, 2006


Hossam al Hamalawy gives us the wonderful news that Muhammed al Sharqawi and Karim ash Shaér has finally been released, they´ve been in prison since the 25th of May when they both were rearrested , just days after being realeased for the first time. They were both subject to sewere beatings in relation to their arrests, as well as physical threats in prison and constant herassment. They were the last two kefaya activists left inside prison, since the latest wave of mass arrests started in April, during weekly protests against the renewal of the emergency law, in support of a free judiciary and a free press.

Aláa reports that he´s sitting with Sharqawi and Karim and their freinds and collegues at a café in downtown Cairo. They were released directly from Cairo security, instead of having to go to their local police stations, and everything went smoothly without any trouble.
Alaá ends with:
¨Muhammed and Karim are well and we are all happy of course¨


There are still several hundred activists in prison, all of them from the Muslim Brotherhood, among them MB spokesman Issam al Iryyan and former MB group leader in parliament Muhammed Morsy.

Read Malek´s account of yesterday here, and Wael Abbas offer his take on yesterday´s release and has more pictures here

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