Monday, July 10, 2006

27 Muslim brothers detained in Ras al Barr

The police detained 27 teachers, in the sea resort of Ras al Barr in the governate of Damietta(Dumyat) late on saturday. They were all members of the Muslim Brotherhood´s Cairo branch.

According to the Interior Ministry, they were charged with organizing a secret meeting and trying to¨incite educators and students to mobilize¨ with the group. Additional police sources claim that they were in charge of the Muslim brotherhood ¨secret activities¨ in 19 governates, linked to the MB central committee, and that they were organizing political activities within the teachers professional association.

two conflicting MB sources, speak about them being on vacation, while states deputy Supreme Guide, Muhammed Habib claims that they were taking part in a work shop on how to strengthen education in the country. they where taken to Cairo. According to al Hayat an additional three, living in Ras al Barr were detained as well.

In a somewhat related case, the high state security court has decided to refer 18 high profile Muslim Brotherhood members to trial, among them MB spokesman Issam al Iryyan and former MB parliament bloc leader, Muhammed Morsy, both of whom were arested in the demonstrations in support of judges Bastawissi and Mekki on the 18 of May.

Another case that was referred to trial was the 31 students arrested in Marsa Matruh.

At least 700 MB activists, toghether with 48 secular activists from Kefayya and al Ghad has been detained during the last three months of protest against the renewal of the emergency laws, in solidarity withh the judges club in their aim for a independent judiciary and with the journalists for a free press. About 550 MB activists remain in prison after the release of 98 activists last week(altough the excact number is hard to pin down, togheter with the two remaining secular activists.


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