Thursday, May 18, 2006

Issam al Aryan and Muhammed Morsy among 500 from the MB detained this morning

According to the Muslim Brotherhood member Hamdi Hassan on al Arabiyya TV station, and additional MB sources, more than 500 MB supporters where detained al around Cairo this morning. Senior Muslim Brotherhood member Abd al Moneim Aboul Futouh claimed the number of Ikhwan sympatisers detained to be 210 Reuters put the number of detained at about 260, and Interior Ministry sources confirms that it detained 100 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, among them, Issam al Aryyan This comes after 52 arrestes in Menoufiyya yesterday, when police used teargas against demonstrators in support of the judges, and arrests in Alexandria. Central Cairo seem to be under siege by the Central security forces this morning.

Judge Hisham al Bastawissi suffered a heart attack yesterday morning. He is under medical care at the Cleopatra hospital in Heliopolis, Masr al Gedida, his case seem to be postponened. The delegation of judges following Mahmoud Mekky on his way to the hearing was greeted by supporters throwing roses at the delegation on the stairs of the journalist syndicate, a focal point in the pro-reform demonstrations today, as well as during the last year. Judge Mekky insested on several demands to attend. The first one being the security forces leaving the area. He reiterated the demand for the release evereyone arrested for protesting, Finally he stated that the president of the court of cassation, Fathi Khalifa should be removed from the disciplinary committee.

In another development the appeal of Ayman Nour is supposed to begin today. And his laywer Amir Salem sounds upbeat for a positive outcome.


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