Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gamal Mubarak handing out wedding invitations to friends at the White house?

Gamal Mubarak decided to pop by, for a chat with National Security Advisor Steve Hadley at the White house,while in Washington to renew his pilot licence last friday.

Considering the crowd that crashed the party, he must have had something special too tell, soon Condi, Dick and Mr President himself joined in.

Perhaps he wanted them all to attend the coming wedding between Gamal and his bride Khadija, what a nice gesture, but then again, why should one be surprised, this was the least that could be expected from this very fine young man, wanting to stick to tradition in handing out the invitations in person. The very same man, who is struggling to avoid being the next President of the land of the Pharaohs, while trying to reinvent his fathers party, whith new ideas, making it the bridge to the future.

The President made a point of showing up to meet and greet the assistant Secretary General of the NDP, and ask him to convey his greetings to President Mubarak and to Mrs Suzanne Mubarak for taking such good care of Laura, when she was in Cairo ,last May.

Perhaps the gang of four, began discussing what would be a suitable wedding present as soon as Gamal left the building. Maybe my humble self could be so bold, as to suggest a gift?

I would go for a copy of the finest American speech ever given, by Martin Luther King JR, in front of the Lincoln memorial on August 28th 1963, combined with his letter from Birmingham jail and the speech given by Birminigham native, Condi Rice at Gamal and Khadija´s old school in June last year. This would be supplemented with two other prison writers, namely Saad Eddin Ibrahim´s epilogue of his Egypt: Islam and Democracy and lastly the jailhouse blogger, Alaá Ahmed Seif al Islam(Alaá Ahmed Abd al Fattah), both written while at Torah under the auspieces of the state.

UPDATE 7 May 2007

Here are a couple of articles on the wedding, all written after the celebration in Sharm al Sheikh. First an AP piece by Lee Keath with assistance of the two talented journalists Nadia Abou el Magd and Maggie Michael. The most interesting theme is of course the question of To have, or not to have Gamal for President, and the natural question then, who can challenge him? All the articles mention only one potential opponent, Omar Sulaiman - Military intelligence chief. In the two folowing pieces, the two independent media superstars , Ibrahim Eissa and Hisham Qassem comes to different conclusions on Gamal´s path to the Presidency or not. I can merely conclude by saying that Omar Soliman as the wedding witness makes me thinking of Gamal and Omar as a dynamic duo, who could be as successful as the tandem duo of the President and Safwat Sherif in shaping the future.


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