Friday, May 05, 2006

5th human death of bird flu in Egypt

Yesterday, the 4th of May, the fifth fatal death of bird flu was announced. The 27 years old Samah Abdel-Aziz Mohamed was admitted to a Cairo hospital on monday, after she was being exposed to sick fowl during a visit to relatives in Menoufiyya, upon arrival at her home in Sharabiyyah, Cairo, she fell ill with symptoms of fever, severe coughing and dyspnea.

A ban on keeping domestic poultry was issued in early March, but apparently it has been hard to implement it adequately, keeping domestic poultry is common, and enforcing the ban totally is probably, almost a mission impossible. All fatal cases, has been women, due to the simple fact that mostly women deal with the poultry.

The first case of infected poultry was discovered on the 17th of February, and 20 out of 26 governates has reported cases. The first of a total of 13 human cases until today was reported on the 18th of March.

206 people has been infected with the virus worldvide since the first case of bird flu in South Asia in 2003. 113 has died.


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