Wednesday, May 03, 2006

13th case of human bird flu in Egypt

On tuesday the 13th case of human infection of bird flu was found, this time a 27 year old woman who had visited relatives in Menoufiyya. The relatives appearently keep´s domestic poultry. She fell ill, after she had returned home to her Cairo suburb. She was admitted to hospital, and given tamilflu.

This comes after rather good news earlier in the week, when the 12th case, a 18 year old woman from the Kafr ash Shaikh governate was discharged from hospital in Cairo, she had been infected after comming into contact with sick fowl.

According to Mona Yassin, WHO technical assistant for media and communications:

“Compared with other countries where H5N1 infections among humans have been found, the recovery rate in Egypt has been very good,” said Mona Yassin, WHO technical assistant for media and communications. “However, the fact that there are still infections among birds means that the danger still exists.”

Four women has died from bird flu in Egypt over the last month and a half.

Just when you hoped it was over.

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