Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Explosion outside Sinai Military base of multinational peacekeeping forces

Two suicide bombers failed to cause any casualties, other than killing themselves in two attacks, one outside the headqurters of the Multinational force that monitors the Sinai Peninsula stipulated in the Camp David peace accord, and the other on a police station in Sinai.

One suicide bomber struck, causing an Explosion outside the Northern Sinai Airforce base in al Gourah that houses the multinatitional peacekeeping force, in place since 1981, as part of the implementation of the Camp David accords.

There is two different accounts of what happen during the first incident. According to the interior ministry a police officer was leaving the al Gourah air base, and saw the man with a bomb. The bomb hit the car shattering the front window, but not causing any casualties.
There is another version, from the spokesperson of the MFO, confirming that two of their viechles were attacked, but no one was injured. The two MFO staff that was reported hurt by the anonymous police officials were traveling in the first car togheter with an Egyptian customs officer and an immigration office and it makes sense, considering that the initial reports stating that two Egyptian police personnel was also injured.

A second suicide bomber blew himself up outside the police station in front of a police car in the town of Sheikh Zuwayed near al Arish, when police came out of the building to investigate the al Gorah blast. The bomber died, but nobody else were hurt.

The incident reported earlier by AFP about an ambush on a police checkpoint in the town of Bilbeis, governate of al Sharqiyya, in the Nile Delta was denied by the governor. The prior claim came from police sources.

The government spokesperson ,Magdy Rady believes there could be a connection between the Dahab bombings and today┬┤s attacks.

The force is financed by the Americans,and the peace signatories. 11 countries participate at the moment, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Fiji, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, the United States and Uruguay.

This has happend once before, in August 2005 two Canadian peacekeepers was slightly injured when their patrol viechle was targeted by a roadside bomb made from a gas canister filled with explosives and detonated through a wire, a second canister failed to explode.


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