Sunday, April 23, 2006

Going to the Zoo on Sham an Nessim?

The Giza Zoo, the oldest Zoo in Africa, innaugerated March 1, 1891, reopens on Sham an Nessim,(litteraly the smell the brezze-festival) after being closed for 45 days, due to the bird flu. The Giza Zoo is normally one of the major attractions on this day, with about 700 000 visitors.

According to minister of health, Dr Hatim al Gabali, Egypt has hemmed in the bird flu. This announcment comes just 10 days after the fourth fatal case of bird flu, this time an 18 year old woman. According to the spokesperson for the health ministry, the bird flu reached only two governates, al Giza and Gharbiyya. The WHO don´t seem to be as optimistic, claiming bird flu in 19 govenates, the latest fatal case seem to have been in Menoufiyya, directly conflicting the health ministry´s announcement. Let´s hope that the minister is right in his assesment.


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