Saturday, April 29, 2006

18 Muslim Brothers arrested

More arrests, this time Ikhwan activists. 18 activists arrested for belonging to an illegal group, while campaigning for the abolishment of the Emergency law. They were handing out leaflets, when detained at dawn on friday in Cairo according to Muhamed Habib, deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood. On wednesday, five Muslim Brotherhood activists were arrested in Alexandria, and some of their parliamentarians were misstreated by the police during the demonstrations in Cairo in support of judges Bastavisi and Mekky. The Ikhwan are working for a no confidence vote against Min of Interior Habib al Adly, and has stated their non confidence in Minister of justice Mahmoud Abou Leil earlier during the conflict with the judges club.

The law has been in force continuously since the murder of the late President Anwar Sadat on the 6th of October 1981. The Muslim brotherhood is the largest political opposition force in Egypt, they have been banned in Egypt since the attempt on the Minister of Interior, while holding a speech at the Manshiyya Square in downtown Alexandria, the minister was Gamal Abd al Nasser.

This comes after a week with the Dahab bombings killing at least 18. Two more suicide bombers blowing themselves up, while trying to attack the multinational peace monitoring force in Sinai, and a police car/police station in Sinai. 12 people has been formally detained, and 70 has been questioned.In the latest breaking development in central Sinai a man was killed by the police and four captured. The Cairo Bureau chief, Hussein abd al Ghani of al Jazerra has been charged with spreading false information, because of reporting on an ambush on a police post in Bilbeis, Sharqiyya Governate. It´s interesting, because many different news agencies carried this story, and i believe that the AFP was the first one, and they were all basing their story on anonymous police sources. So why only al jazeera?

The beating of judge Mamduh Hamza, the arrest of 5o activists from Kifayya, Ikhwan, and al Ghad in Cairo and Alexandria, and unconfirmed reports that the Ayman Nour defense team has been detained. Last but certainly not the least, the disciplinary hearing of the two reform judges Bastawisi and Mekky, was postponed until the 11th of May.


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