Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Alaá and the group spent the night in the Khalifa police station, before the three women was taken to the Qanater Women´s prison and the men was taken to Tora prison, to join the other group arrested on the 24th of April.(reminiscent of another case of innocent men and women being sent there in May 2001, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, and three of his employee´s, sent to those exaxt locations. Alaá´s group got 15 days of administrative detention, and the earlier group was given a renewed 15 days period, ending on the 23rd of May. Apparently ,in the last days, the treatment has been rough, and Ahmed al Droubi has for instance not been able to take his medication for diabetes.

“The detained people are charged with disrupting traffic, obstructing the state from carrying out its duties and insulting the president,” one of the security officials said. While veteran Human Rights activist Aida Seif ad Dawla of the Nadeem Centre claimed that the assistant to the Min of Interior Sami Sidhoum said:

“You bitches. You sons of bitches. This is how it is going to be from now on if you do not behave and know your limits. If you do not behave you’ll have the bottom of my old shoes all over you.”

In my view, this further proves the fact, that contrary to what high officials have stated time and time again, that the minister of Interior, Habib al Adly does not condone of tough tactics, and the officers on the ground are to blame for the harsh treatment at times. In my view this proves that it´s on the direct order from Habib al Adly, the minister hailed in the past for wanting to use scientific and sophisticated methods to work in his field, that Sami Sidhoum uses brute force on a demo, that surely don´t pose a security threat in the wildest of al Adly´s fantasies.

It´s somewhat ironic that the prisons have been emptied on some rehabilitated high security prisoners lately, some of them sitting in administrative detention for years, without trial, only to be filled again in part, with pro-democracy activists from all ideological backgrounds ,in administrative detention, but none of them militant.

Lastly, but probably the most practical and important thing. In Washington, New York, Chicago and San Francisco there will be demos outside the Egyptian Embassy, and Consulates.

For further info see my last post, or go to Manal & Alaa and Free Ahmed al Dourobi

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