Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All kifaya and Ghad activists except Sharqawi and ash Shaér is to be released

More good news! 24 activists from Kifaya and al Ghad was orderd released by the state prosecutor today. 21 from Kifaya and three from al Ghad. The only two who got an additional 15 days period were high profiled activists/bloggers Muhammed al Sharqawi and Karim ash Shaáer. Both were subjected to severe beatings and Sharqawi was sexually abused.

Among those waiting to be released are Kamal Khalil, Wael Khalil, Ibrahim al Sahary and Gamal Abd al Fattah. This was veteran activist Kamal Khalil 16th time in prison in 38 years.

In what seems like a twisted mathematical equation, only logical to state security prosecutors, 31 Muslim brotherhood members was arrested, 31 was ordered to be released and 134 were to be held for an additional 15 days on Tuesday, these were but a few of the 700 MB members arrested since March according to AP reporter Nadia Abou el Magd.

In a related development, the wifes and mothers of some of the hundreds arrested during the last three months(most likely a MB manifestation) gathered outside the National Council for Human Rights, and a delegation of wifes meet with NCHR chairman , the former UN Secretary General Boutrous Boutrous Ghali. The council promised to take the complaints of the delegation to the press!!, stating that the council had an advisory role and lacked authority.It reminds of former NDP minister of parliamt affairs, Kamal ash Shazlis words about the council“It is merely a consultative council with no power to draw up any plans.”

So this is really a time of joy! But lets remember that Sharqawi and ash Shaér is still in prison togheter with the Muslim brotherhood top brass and ordinary MB members in their hundreds, i just hope that people are as eager too campaign for MB spokesperson Issam al Aryan, former leader of the MB parliament bloc, Muhammed al Morsy, and current MP, Mohsen Radi, Helmi al Ghazzar, Adel Yahiya , Rashad al Bayoumi and the rest of the MB members detained as for Aláa, Ahmed al Droubi and Kamal Khalil. This will be one of the tests ahead for the Egyptian blogosphere, and indeed the promising, but fragile coalition for democracy.

There seems to be some stalling of the release, but looking back at prior experiences , this is just part and parcel of the ongoing war of attrition between the authorities and the democracy movement, when they are out, a collective Mabrouk to all released activists is the first that comes to my mind.


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