Friday, June 09, 2006

Freedom and justice party formed, aiming for legalization

Usamah Ghazali Harb, and about 60 people met today in one of Cairo´s hotel´s to form the Freedom and justice party, according to Masry al youm. The main aim of the party will be to further democratization, to modernize the policital system and strengthening of egalitarianism in the society. Other important issues will include the living conditions of women, reforming the education system and promote social awareness. Tfurtherer underline the importance of democratization, Ghazali Harb says that ¨democratization is a question of life and death for the Egyptian society¨

Among the 60 foundig members were Yahya al Gamal, Salah Fadel, Mustafa Kamel Tolba and Ali al Selmi.

Usamah Ghazali Harb, former NDP member of Majlis ash Shura(The upper house),left the NDP in March after ten months of political wilderness with in the NDP. Ghazali Harb was the only NDP member in both chambers to vote against the proposed change of article 76, openining up for multi-candidate elections, while further restricting the possibilities for any real competion, among candidates, due to caveats, effectively prohibiting any other party than the NDP from fielding candidates in future presidential elections. He is the chief editor of Siyassa ad Dawliyya, and was invited to join the NDP by Gamal Mubarak, three years ago, and was a member of the the NDP policies committee, headed by Gamal Mubarak.

Let´s hope that the party will get the approval for the party as soon as possible, something that has been proven a veritable¨mission impossible¨ in the past, with the recent experiences of al Wasat, and al Ghad in our fresh memories. But recently the 24th party got it´s approval, the conservative party, perhaps that is a reverseal of the trend(has anybody heard of any partyrelated activities from the conservatives since their approval??). Maybe Safwat ash Sharif will wake up in a good and shiny mood someday, let´s hope that this day will coincide with the Freedom and justice party application approval by the Shura Council's Parties Affairs Committee.


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