Saturday, May 27, 2006

¨We have had enough of corruption¨

I found this cover from the September 8th 1952 Time Magazine edition, it´s a story about ¨Egypt´s¨strongman¨ Muhammed Naguib, the figurehead of the 1952 revolution, and at that time newly appointed Prime Minister(on September 7th), and later, the newborn Egyptian Republic´s first President. I really like the montage with the Giza pyramids, Aboulhol, and the citadel in the foreground and Naguib watching over his country, but what really caught my eye was the quote, apparently from the cover story:

¨We have had enough of corruption¨(at the bottom oof the picture, it dosen´t show that good on the picture here, due to problems with resolution, but go the original and have a look, follow the link above).

It made me wonder if Naguib, or any of the free officers would have had enough, and been among those joining in the demonstrations in support for a free judiciary, and for the release of the approximately 700 arrested in a little over a month. Although in due time it became clear that neither Naguib nor the other free officers proved to be much inclined towards democracy. If they would have been just that, this could have been an excellent poster for Kefaya, but then again, if so, it would not have been necessary with the kefaya movement, or the judges, or demonstrations in the first place.


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