Saturday, June 10, 2006

King football rules in Egypt

The World Cup in Germany started yesterday, with the hosts winning according to plans, and Ecuador upset the Poles by an unexpected 2-0 win.

Apart from the ART versus national TV broadcasting rights, everybody seems to look forward to a month of fotball frenzy. I wouldn´t like to be a sanawiyya amma(final high school exams which ruins your year and is the make or break for your future life, deciding on what faculty and university you can enter, your parents paying louds of money to your private tutor(if they are fortunate enough to have the money, in short making life hell for the family for a whole year) student this year. This is the view of one of those students on missing out on the group stage:

¨Ayman Mahmoud, who is preparing to sit for his final year high school exams, says that by the time he finishes, the World Cup will still be going on. "I might not be able to watch the group matches because I'll be busy with my exams but I'll try to adjust my schedule so that one match will be considered a break for me. But I hope I won't have to fight with my parents over it.

"But after I finish my examinations, I'll be free and I won't miss a game." ¨

I still recall Magdi abd al Ghani´s penalty goal in that fantastic first group match against the holding European champions, the second generation total football, with the amazing trio of Reikard, Gullit and Van Basten. The Egyptian team made a extraordinary match and everything looked so promising for the rest of the Italia 90 campaign, and we were actually only a goal away from going trough the group stage in the city of Cagliari on the beutiful island of Sardinia. In the end, we lost 0-1 to England and they went on winning the bronze.

Since then i have hoped for Egypt to be part of the world Cup, but all in vain. This time Ivory coast was to hard to beat. But this dosen´t mean that there is no Egyptian connection. In fact there are at least three connections, first of course, the egyptian referee Essam Abd al Fattah

The tournament also has two players, with backrounds in the two rival clubs , al Ahli and Zamalek. Flavio the Ahli striker is more than likely going to be in the starting line up for Angola on sunday against former colonial ruler, Portugal, the most famous portugesse player ever, happens to be from Angola, Eusebio, probably the best African player ever, and dominant player in the 1966 world Cup.

The other player is Rami Shaában , former Zamalek keeper(reserves), cosmopolitan , born in Stockholm Sweden, Egyptian father, Finnish mother and currently playing his football in Fredrikstad, Norway. He made his first mark in the best team in Sweden, Djurgarden, where he was the Nr two choice, behind the young and talented Andreas Isaksson. When Isaksson was injured , Rami was playing fantastic football, leading to a contract with Arsenal. David Seaman, the famous England goalkeeper was yet again the number one, and as history has a habit of repeating itself, Seaman was injured, and Rami played a couple of champions league games, before history struck in reverse and Rami broke his leg. The end of his short spell at highbury. And then he got called to the world championship squad! And what happens? Andreas Isaksson, now probably one of the best goalkeepers get´s injured. The single most talked about topic concerning the team right now is, who will replace him Rami Shaában or Johan Alvbåge, the coach has decided, but dosen´t release the team until one hour before the game. If it´s up to the Swedish media to decide it will be Rami! Hopefully he will make his debut in Dortmund against Trinidad/Tobago tomorrow, if so - Alf Mabrouk ya Rami!

The best of luck to all three of them!


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