Tuesday, June 20, 2006

31 Muslim brothers detained in Marsa Matrouh while on vacation

According to the BBC, 31 members of the Muslim brotherhood Alexandria branch was detained by the police in the seaside city of Marsa Matrouh, close to the Libyan border. The police claimed that the men arrested, were distributing leaflets and books for the group. MB Officials on the other hand,stated that the men were on holiday. They claimed that the number of detained was slightly higher, 37.

This comes after two months with hundreds of MB members arrested after protests on the continuation of the emergency laws, and in solidarity with demands for a free judiciary. Among the arrested during the two months is the MB spokesperson Issam al Ariyyan and former groupleader in parliament, Muhammed Morsy. Last week around 110 members were arrested in Zagazig.

I canĀ“t help wondering, at which beach the arrests took place, Rommel, Buzid, perhaps Agiba or Shatt al Gharam? I wonder what Leila Mourad and Anwar Wagdy would have said about that?


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