Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday telegraph article on Manal & Aláa

The telegraph had an article on Manal and Aláa on sunday , you can find it here. Alaá has been at Tora prison since being arrested on the 7th of May, that is 44 days. He´s case will be up for review tomorrow. The seven activists, arrested with him has all been released, hopefully Alaá will join them today.

A case that really needs as much attention as possible is the horrible treatment of Muhammed Sharqawi who was rearrested togheter with Karim al Shaer on the aniversary of black referendum day the 25th of May and subjected to severe beatings, including sexual assault at the Qasr al Nil police station before returning to prison , just days after they were released. Sharqawi has not received the proper medical treatment for his injuries during the latest round at Tora. Altough not the worst case by far, if put in a wider context in recent history, this particular development is alarming.


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