Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Cup fatigue

Go and watch the new Tarek Shahin cartoon about the World Cup at faboulous Cairo Freeze, it sums up my experience as well, altough i didn´t want Gli Azzuri to win, my wish for les bleus and Zizou to raise the trophy was dashed, and it turned into blues. Not that i thought France would win, or even go to the semifinals two weeks ago, Argentina was my choice!

And now i have this sickness somewhere in the borderland of World Cup fatigue and separation anxiety, well it´s only four years to go - South Africa 2010, hopefully with Mido et al on the pitch in Jo´burg! Then i wouldn´t have to switch team loyalty from one game to another!

Perhaps a good thing will come out of this world Cup comming to an end, my blogging might be a bit more frequent than in the past month!


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