Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One way ticket from Tora prison to freedom

After the announcement yesterday that Sharqawi and ash Shaér would be released, they have spent the day with the bureaucratic intricacies of the Egyptian prison release system, going from Tora prison via notorious state security HQ in Lazoughly to the equally infamous Khalifa police station, both places well known for their hospitality. In the case of Khalifa, they tend too overstretch their hospitality a bit. According to Hossam al Hamalawy and Malek they were doing fine, and were in high spirits. Then on to Cairo security, were Sharqawi apparently has arrived now.

From there, they are supposed to go to their local police station , which will release them. Let´s hope they both come out from Khalifa police station with out problems , both Malek and Ahmed al Droubi among others were held there on their way out from captivity and recievied some rough treatment, let´s hope that will not be the case with Sharqawi and Shaér. Very Soon they will be free and in the comfort of their home, and with their families and loved ones.


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