Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In solidarity with the victims of this war

This piece is for all victims, Israeli, lebanese or palestinean.

On a day when katushya strikes on Haifa, Israel´s pounding of shells at Tyre, their capturing of Ras Maroun and Bint Jubai´l. The rebombing of Beirut, and another day of empty talk from the american administration, effectively saying to the lebanese people, we care about your suffering, so much that we want you to suffer a bit more, in order for the people we like more to be safe. Condi left out a piece of the equation , in her talk of a ¨new Middle East¨, and the either your with us or against us, the fact that part of the old Middle East is the strong man in the neighbourhood, the Israeli reasoning right now, is the same old pattern once again, like in 1982 they think that they inflict permanent damage to Hizbullah and Hamas, it´s a bit of an irony that these too political groups/terrorists are the ¨real new Middle East¨ movements, that are much more than the usual american/israeli tagged terrorists, they both represent large segments of society, which their electoral success has proved. Now it´s seems the US,actually might have something up their sleeve, according to sources , the Shaábah farms could be on the table, if so interesting! The most interesting piece of empty talk however was reserved for the president, W managed to say that we support democracy in Lebanon and in Palestine, if the situation wasn´t so precaurious, then i would be lying on the floor right now,

Hizbullah did not expect this response from the Israelis, according to a party official, and the difference between Hizbullah and the IDF in the the number of dead hizbullah fighters continues, Hizbullah claims 27 dead, and IDF claims several dussin The last sad news this tuesday was the killing of the four UN-soldiers.

Jim Quilty has written a good piece on Isreael´s war on the Shiás

The ICP has released their report on the current crisis: Israel/Palestine/Lebanon: Climbing Out of the Abyss

The latest HRW release on Israeli cluster munitions hitting civilians

While discussing civilians, go read Allan Dershowitz latest op-ed in LA Times, wheter your´laughing about it or if it makes you angry, or indeed if you agree, it´s worth reading, i myself think that a distuinguished scholar like Dershowitz could have offered some more examples, perhaps some that are not Arab/muslim, i can think of a few, IRA is one for example. To paraphrase Dershowitz last sentence, perhaps some are more guilty than others, and it´s not the civilians. You could also read Kevin Drums comment on it

London review of books has three different articles on Lebanon, one called do i see, or do i remember by Elias Khoury, the author of the Gate of the sun, another of Rasha Salti,Siege notes, a personal diary of life in Beirut during this war.that Alaá has written about, and a third one by Karim Makdisi, How the war will end


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