Saturday, August 05, 2006

Another day in Lebanon, another day in the Bush-Blair Disneyland of democratization

At least 26 syrian farmers died in the village of Qaa situateted in the Bekaa Valley. This was the second highest death toll in a single air strike during the three weeks of war.The first being Qana II.

Seven died in Taibeh in southern Lebanon, and an additional four when bridges were bombed. Katyusharockets lands closer and closer to Tel Aviv, today 45 km from Tel Aviv in Hadera. Three dead from katyusha rockets today ,making the total of 11 deadly casualties from Katyushas in two days. Beirut is bombed back to 1986 routinely every other night and Lebanon get´s even more isolated, when you thought it impossible to be more isolated.

Rami Khouri gives us the broader picture, by focusing on the state of democracy promotion in the region on a single day this week, as a sample of how imploded this policy, once called the broader Middle East plan has become. It´s a bleak reality check , and should serve as a wake up call to their fantasy project, the New Middle East, but it will not.
Here is a qoute from Khouri´s piece.
"Instead of promoting free and democratic societies that are peace-loving and prosperous, Bush and Blair are midwives to the birth of new failed states, narco-states, militia-based statelets, and terror havens."

and here is the full article in today´s Daily star.


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