Monday, August 14, 2006

Does this sound like an army implementing cease fire?

"If our fighters deep in Lebanese territory are left without food our water, I believe they can break into local Lebanese stores to solve that problem,"

This is the words of Brigadier General Avi Mizrahi, the head of the Israel Defense Forces logistics branch, today, in response to soldiers complaining of lack of food on the front line. Mizrahi goes on, saying that they are preparing for the soldiers to have to stay during the winter.

This is not the the usual IDF, if what they wanted to achieve, was crushing the hizbullah and trying to reestablish the level of deterence, then this war has been a failure. Hizbullah barraged Israel with 250 rockets yesterday, the highest amount during the entire campaign, this after a month of fighting. The visable evidence of anything that remotely resembles the crushing of hizbullah´s abbility to launch rocket attacks on northern Israel is all but missing, and rather than to deter Hizbullah, the Israeli decision to go to war, has elevated Hizbullah and their leader, Nassrallah to a political status, that no other Arab country, organisation or leader has held since 1967, Israel has succeded in bringing about what no one has been able to galvanize since then, the much overused and concept of an Arab street.

The Israeli citizens living in northern Israel is probably less secure today, than before July 12th. That is a shame, their safety is paramount to the Israeli government, and that was the stated aim for going to war. But instead of creating more safety, they have created another humanitarian dissaster, more than 1100 dead on both sides , the bulk of them civilians, at least 900 000 displaced persons, or people living in shelters and collateral damage beyond repair.

The question is, Mr Olmert and Mr Bush, was it worth it? And Mr Nasrallah don´t say that this was not what Hizbullah excpected, this was the expected outcome, after the kidnapping of Corpral Shallit in Gaza, you calculated this, and were willing to give your enemy the excuse to go to war. That was not a patriotic act for Lebanon, an act of solidarity with Palestine, or for the Arab or Islamic umma, that was a deliberate , calculated way of gaining more legitimacy and strength for Hizbullah at the dire expense of your country.


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