Monday, August 28, 2006

At least eight dead in two different building collapses

AFP reports that at least three people died in two different building collapses today.

The first occured in the governate of Qalyubiyya, were a three-storey building collapsed,claiming three lives and three injured. The second was in the Hadeyiq al Qubba district in Cairo, were a four-storey building collapsed, leaving five dead, four from the same family. Rescue workers managed to save 10 people from the rubble. The building had a demolition order, and this seems to be a parallel case to the collapse of a building in Madinet Nasr in January 2004,causing 16 deaths, which also had a demolition order since 1992, while the building permit was only for four stores.

This is unfortunately an ongoing theme in recent times in Egypt, and it comes at a time when Egypt has just experienced a major train chrash, several big traffic incidents and the boat catastrophe not so long ago.

It once again shows the government innabillity to take something that resembles adequate measures to deal with day to day basic security issues concerning housing, transport and what have you. How many times must this happen?

It now seems that eight people died in two incidents according to this reuters report. Also note how unfortunate for the city of Qalyoub to be at the center of another dissaster, only days after the train crash that killed 58 people.

For pictures of the Hadeiq al Qubba incident, go to Hossams post on the same issue at arabist.


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