Sunday, February 10, 2008

Egypt takes record sixth African Cup of Nations

Egypt wins the African Cup of Nations for a record sixth time, and wins back to back tournament, as the second team to defend their title!

18:53 Full Time - Cameroon- Egypt 0-1

18:50 - two and a half minutes of the four minutes stoppage time.

18:45 - Ahmed Hassan gets a yellow card after a careless tackle. He probably couldn´t care less... two minutes left.

18:41 Amr Zaki out, Shawky in - 6 minutes left - probably some extra time as well.


18:29 - 17 minutes left

Egypt has created a lot of chances, let´s hope they can score on one occasion.... More and mor i feel it´s heading toward overtime and maybe penalties... Hadary and Kameni , should be interesting!

18:24 - Pfister makes his final change.

18:20 - Zidan comes in , Emad Moátab out.

18:10 - Very good save by Kameni - He´s looking more and more as a hero

18:04 -The second half on it´s way, and Atouba is out on the pitch.

While waiting for the second half to kick off, let´s walk down memory lane to the fantastic thursday in my favorite Ghanian City, Kumasi!

Egypt has been the better team during the first half and Etoo has not been he´s usual self.

Halftime 0-0

17:45 Atouba injured? lies on the pitch. Cameroon can´t really afford losing Atouba after losing their bright new star Alex Song.

17:37 - Hadary injured? up and running again, let´s hope he´s ok. He´s crucial!

17:36 - Emad Moateb has a great opportunity, but it comes to nothing

17:18 - Cameroon and Egypt trading chances with Geremi trying Hadari and Emad Moateb and Abou Treika have a double chance in trying Kameni , both goalkeepers have a busy day at work.

17:16 Alex Song is injured , replaced by Gilles Binya

17:12 - Abou Treika with another long distance shot from 25 meters tries Kameni

17:09 Sayed Muawad tests Kemeni from afar

17:06 - Hosny Abd al Rabo free kick , Kameni saves

17:03 Eto has the first chance

17:00(GMT) The match starts

Cameroon: 1-Idriss Carlos Kameni; 3-Bill Tchato, 8-Geremi, 4-Rigobert Song, 5-Timothee Atouba; 10-Achille Emana, 15-Alexandre Song, 19-Stephane Mbia, 14-Joel Epalle; 12-Alain Nkong, 9-Samuel Eto'o

Egypt: 1-Essam Al Hadari; 5-Shady Mohamed, 6-Hani Said, 20-Wael Gomaa, 14-Sayed Moawad; 8-Hosni Abd Rabou, 7-Ahmed Fathi, 17-Ahmed Hassan, 22-Mohamed Aboutrika; 10-Emad Moteab, 19-Amr Zaki

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