Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wael Abbas-You tube 1-0

After a week, You Tube rewinds it´s decision to suspend Egyptian Journalist and blogger wael Abbas account. And believe it or not, they offer an explanation on basis of this individual case, after being silent at first and banging their head against the wall , while claiming that they never discuss individual videos.

When asked about Abbas, a You Tube spokesperson said, "We take these matters very seriously, but we don't comment on individual videos."

In contrast, this is the You Tube statement constituting a clearcut You-Turn...

"We are committed to preserving You Tube as an important platform for expression of all kinds, while also ensuring that the site remains a safe environment for our users," YouTube said. "Balancing these interests raises very tough issues. In this case, our general policy against graphic violence led to the removal of videos documenting alleged human rights abuses because the context was not apparent.

"Having reviewed the case, we have restored the account of Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas — and if he chooses to upload the video again with sufficient context so that users can understand his important message we will of course leave it on the site."

And whom brings us this good news , if not the media institution that is the embodiment of free speech and human rights , Fox news!

Mabrouk ya Wael!


Here is an article by Cynthia Johnston of Reuters, not adding anything new really, to what i´ve stated previously.


This is the response of Wael Abbas(partly Arabic)

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Anonymous HumanRights said...

Am happy for Wael and those who follow his video's and writings. The question now is...will he accept youtube offer to re-upload his videos? Maybe! Maybe not!

11:13 AM  

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