Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do we hate America ?

The fall issue of Arab Insight is out. The theme this time is ¨Do We Hate America? The Arab Response¨. Among many interesting articles is Confusing Hearts and Minds: Public Opinion in the Arab World by Sobhi Asila , Media Matters: The Arab Portrayal of the United States - Hosma Mohamed and Missing in Action: The Democracy Agenda in the Middle East, written by Mohammad Yaghi.

There are also two Egypt related articles, one about the portrayal of the American on the Egyptian cinema screen, by Khalid El-Sargany using the title of Youssef Chahine´s last part of his Alexandria trilogy From Alexandria to New York: Uncle Sam in Egyptian Cinema. The second article is by Hanaa M Ebeid on the US AID program to Egypt, with the catchy title: Money Can’t Buy Love: USAID Assistance to Egypt.

You can find all of these articles and a few more in the 140 pages new issue here(PDF)

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Please visit my birthday wish and watch the video and then share the TRUTH.
It is a conspiracy of silence that enables lies & propaganda to remain unchallenged.
Human Rights Abuses abound in the western world while they point & make everybody look at someone else.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

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