Thursday, August 09, 2007

Die Condi Sängerknaben

After yet another whirlwind tour of the region by Condi, this time accompanied by Robert Gates, and armed with a new Rashwa, this time in the form of arms deal with the Gulf States, Saudi, Egypt and for the balance, Israel, who of course got the best deal, just like it´s predestined to be.

On top of that everybody seems upbeat on the new momentum towards peace, I wonder if Papa Bush ever Alice in Wonderland to little Baby W? the administration seems totally living in Wonderland, togheter with their middle eastern boys choir. Of course no real peace deal can be achieved by not dealing with your enemy, and the boys choir is not your enemy. Anyone who thinks that anything good and productive will come out of this, needs to buy a new pair of glasses. Real peacetalks will only start with a new administration in the West Wing, or with Norway facilitating the release of corpral Shalit, and perhaps helping Fatah and Hamas to the table. It would be a real step towards any meaningful activity on the peace track.

The fantasy land stretces on to the overstretched American troops, and everybody else who opts out in Iraq, the latest being Denmark. At least the Iraqis themselves could enjoy the fantastic Iraqi team victory in the Asian Championship in fotball.

At least on one thing, even the White House dosen´t seem too keen on living in fantasy land anymore, the freedoom agenda seems to have been thrown into the Red Sea, but nobody expects it to split in half this time around, but then again this was a fantasy all along. For sure lip service was applied to Ayman Nour´s case this time as well, but it´s telling that Ms Rice only mentioned it en route back from the region to Washington.

Via Issandr Amrani at Arabist - Thanks for the clip!

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