Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fleishman on Wael Abbas

A good piece on the most important and influential Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas by Jeffrey Fleishman in L.A Times. Wael is of course the blogger who started to upload mobile phone video clips of torture and mistreatment of regular citizens in police stations on his blog, among other things. Clips that proved too graphic and disturbing for youtube.. Clips that have been important, as evidence in trials against police officers, as well as opening up a space for the traditional media to address issues that have been taboo prior to this.

The best blog is in my view, still Baheyya (no big secret that i´m revealing to old readers). Some might have a crush on Obama, i have a crush on Baheyya!

Sorry for not being able to blog lately, i´ve been really busy, but blogging with somewhat more regularity will return shortly. I hope to be able to post about the wonder in Kumasi(and hopefully in Accra tmrw), Rafah and Gaza and ID´s for reverts and Bahai´s soon.

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