Monday, January 07, 2008

Merry Christmas to all Copts and a Happy New 1429 and 2008

A late Merry Christmas to all Copts and other members of the Orthodox Churches!

The fast of nativity is over and real food is permisable again! A nightmare for digestion, but a feast for eye and palate was on the agenda January 7th.

A very late wish for a happy 2008 as well as well as a wish for a happy 1429 hijri year.

Let´s hope the spirit of Christmas proves conteaugeous throughout 2008, a year , once again predestined to be a year of decision, if one is inclined to believe in the fairy tales of Bush Jr & company, but just as he failed the time frame for a resolution by 2005 when he first announced his intentions to galvanize the world towards peace between Israelis and Palestinians in the White House Rose Garden in June of 2002, he has a very hard task ahead during this final year of his presidency, the idea of Annapolis is too late, too little, both peace partners are weak, one of them have lost half of his constituency, and is desperate for a resolution. The other is not really that keen on making any concessions at all, and knows that the honest broker in the shape of Bush and Condi is not the ones likely to put any pressure in terms of settlements, Jerusalem or the (nonexistent) right of return. This is at best wishful thinking from an administration that haven´t been blessed with much positive news since ¨God¨ spoke to W and told him what a fine idea it was to ¨Free Iraq¨ before the world discovered that there was a lot of oil, but hardly any weapons of mass destruction in the country. Nevertheless i´m looking forward to see how this progress, and if i´m wrong in the end i´ll be more than happy!

One promising race that runs with time, rather than the Annapolis process above that runs counter to it, is the Race for the Presidency. The candidates looks interesting this year, and i hope the time has come for change. The Democrats seems to have the most interesting candidates, and now when the most knoledgable candidate on foreign policy, Bill Richardson has thrown in his towel, i´m thrilled to say that i could easily live with any of the three top democrats, a ticket with Clinton/Obama or the other way around could actually be a possible winner. But maybe there will be too much bad blood between the two, and then Edwards or Richardson could be the choice in order to win the south.

On the Republican side i could also live with John McCain, eventhough his policy on Iraq is not my coup of tea, Huckabee and Roomey has proven to me, that they are not mature enough for the job, with their remarks on Muslims, which might be winning votes in certain segments of society, but would to me signal a lack of understanding of what America is built upon, and what America needs in the next four years in terms of uniting the country and rebuild bridges abroad, and regain the faith in America that a great many people around the world has lost after 8 years of George W Bush.

The best thing with the coming year politically speaking is that at the end of it , there will be a new President elect, that brings a bit of hope , and some common sense to the White House.

What about 2007 you might ask? well let´s not dwell upon the past, at least in this blog post!

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year 1429 and 2008!

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Anonymous The Retired Blogger said...

"Let's not dwell on the past".

Mabalash nit kallem fil madi..

3:59 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

who says they're going to bring common sense to the white house?

same sh*t, different day.

It really is an eager assumption that the new elections will bring any change? Most Americans are completely fed up with politics and the overwhelming feeling I've been getting from my fellow sheep are that nothing is going to change except the face (and maybe the gender?). We will still be screwed, we will still be in Iraq, we will still be in an economic stanglehold, and we will still be "fighting terrorism" (cue underdog theme song).

And I will still be singled out for "random" security checks.

As for the different candidates, there's an underground movement made up by youth and other people I would consider quite savvy on whats good politics in this generation calling for Ron Paul. Running for the Republican ticket but he definately is an underdog. I do have to admit that there are a LOT of people who have "Ron Paul for President" pickets on their front lawns. Is he a valid player? I don't know.

I'm reluctant to vote for him unless he is a strong contender. But if Obama wins the dem seat I'll be forced to vote republican.

gah... politics.

I hate politics.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Ibn ad Dunya said...

Hi Molly!

All i wanted to do was really to say that i look forward to the day Mr Bush leaves office, not because it will be a major change or shift in politics,the only thing i´m hoping for is that the next administration will be able to be a bit more responsible on issues like going to war,the so called war on terrorism and stuff like democracy promotion. Not having a President around who thinks that diplomacy is the last option, is really a step forward. And i´m more than happy to see him leave the office around the 20th of January 2009.

Who ever will replace him will be better. If it´s just five percent, then that´s ok with me.

Ron Paul seems interesting.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Agreed, a monkey would make a better president.

I just feel fatalistically that whoever takes the seat after him will continue to have the US by the family jewels.

Post 9/11 something called the Patriot Act was passed which took away most of our civil liberties.

The fact is that US presidents have more power now than they have had in the recent past and I'm not terribly certain that whoever moves into the Oval Office is necessarily going to return our liberties back to us.

Its a bleak thought.

Ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous the retired blogger said...

Good Golly Ms Molly!
I like you already!!

1:34 PM  

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