Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pope Shenouda to undergo back surgery in the U.S.

Pope Shenouda III left Egypt today,and is to undergo back surgery in Cleveland, Ohio on monday.

He will have cartilage removed from his spine.

The coptic orthodox pontiff is due back in Cairo in time for the 35th anniversary of his inauguration as Pope on the 14th of November 1971.

More here.

Upon request from a fellow blogspotter and friend, i´m adding a photo, it´s from the AFP


Blogger rami said...


Hope all is well man. It was nice chatting to you the other day.

If I may make a request myself.. can you some time write a post about the coptic society in Egypt, what makes coptics different than followers of other churches..etc. Any influencial people in the coptic community?


7:54 PM  

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