Wednesday, October 18, 2006

MB Secretary General and 14 others ordered released by the Cairo high court

The Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Ezzat in Jail since 25th of August has been ordered to be released by the Cairo high court on monday the 17th, togheter with 14 others. He was arrested in Kafr Shaykkh togheter with among others senior MB member Lahsen Abu Shanab, who was later released due to medical reasons. They were all charged with belonging to an illegal group.

This comes about a week after supreme guide of the Muslim brotherhood, Mahdi Akef was refused by the Egyptian authorities to go and preform an Umra at the holy cities of Mecka and Medina, the state security interupts an MB iftar party in Asyut and just days after the latest arrests of 8 MB members in Menoufiyya, last friday, the day before the brotherhood commemorated the centennial of the birth of the founder of the organization , Hassan al Banna in his home village of Mahmudiyya.

Lets hope everything works out for the best, in the past such court orders has been ignored on occasion.

There are still about 40 MB in prison, among them Muhammed Morsy and Issam al Aryan who were both arrested during the protests in support of judges Bastawissi and Mekky on the 18th of May.


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