Thursday, October 12, 2006

Power of Egyptian solidarity with Lebanon

This is the true face and spirit of Egyptian solidarity with the Lebanese people, manifested from the start of the conflict by the Arab doctors syndicate┬┤s rapid response units dispatched to help their fellow brethern.

As soon as the Rafiq Hariri international airport┬┤s tarmac was cleared and able to recieve airplanes, the assistant Secretary General of the current party in power, Gamal Mubarak leaped to the rescue of the embattled Lebanese democracy and people, creating an air bridge of one Egyptian military plane.

The picture from the AFP, showing Egyptian workers helping out with a power cable in the village of Kafra in Southern Lebanon, is but a small contribution in the ongoing commitment of the Egyptian government and people to the rebuilding of Lebanon, and strenghtening of the democratic forces in the country, after the adventurism of the IDF.


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