Friday, September 15, 2006

article on impersonator of the President

So now it´s finally here, the first article in english about the impersonator of the President. Hannah Allam and Merit al Naggar has written a nice article, and the President look alike - well if you haven´t seen it yet, go and have a look at youtube.

Here is a small sample:

¨The sketch shows the impersonator boasting and babbling about his talks with Israeli officials. He invokes the same phrases - "many negotiations," "severe consequences," "international condemnation" - that Egyptians are accustomed to hearing in presidential speeches. But the delivery is everything. The cabbie scrunches up his face, jerks forward for emphasis and affects a self-righteous air.

"I talked to Sharon and warned him more than once," he says. "Hitting the Palestinians with bombs and guns, while they defend themselves with rocks, this is dangerous, and the whole international community will be very angry." ¨


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