Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

Just a few minutes ago, the bells in New York tolled, at the exact time of the first aircraft hitting the first World Trade Center tower at 08:46 Eastern time. The names of the 2749 people who lost their lives at the World trade center is being read one after the other at ground Zero. We should all take a minute and think about them, and reflect and those onboard the four planes, and the people who lost their lives at Pentagon and in Pennsylvania and the consequenses of 9/11 worldwide that we live with everyday.

I remember that day, and how it effected me, I got a phone call from a friend after the first airplane smashed into WTC1, put on the televison set, just before the second airplane, it was unbelivable, i remained fixed to the tv set and the computer, but the feeling that came creaping was numbness, something that remained with me for almost two weeks, going on with your normal life, but living another in parallel, or rather trying to comprehend emotionally, what you somewhat grasped relatively soon intelectually. Fortunately i had no one near me, who was a victim of this mass slaughter, but not feeling and carying for the people who died, and those who would be permanently effected for life was impossible, and they all died in vain.

I have plenty to say about the political and military reactions to 9/11 and do so frequently on both of my blogs, but let´s leave that till tomorrow, today is a day of remembrence, mourning and reflection.

The photo is from today´s New York Times.


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