Tuesday, September 05, 2006

two dead and 16 wounded in Yet another train crash in Shibin al Qanater

On monday, a passenger train and a freight train collided in Shibin al Qanater 30 Km north of Cairo according to security sources. two people died and at least 16 are are wounded.

This comes only two weeks after a traincrash that took 58 lifes, and a aftermath were the chief of the Egyptian railway authority had to step down, a secondary outcome was a minor change in the government were Osman Muhammed Osman, Minister of planninng had to relinguish power concerning local administration, after being critizised in the aftermath of the trainaccident in Qalyoub on August 21.


The death toll has reached five, and thirty people are injured. The driver of the train are among the dead.


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