Saturday, October 14, 2006

Abu Aardvark´s new blog project - Qahwa Sada

Abu Aardvark(Marc Lynch) has a new project upp and running - Qahwa Sada, it´s been up for nearly a month, but apparantly my dose of the Haifa, Nancy,Ruby arms race/culture war has been way too low lately!

The basic idea behind this blog can be found here.

The blog looks very interesting! Make sure to take the time to drop by!

His latest post is on a paper by Carnegie scholars Marina Ottaway and Meredith Ridley, Morocco: From Top-Down Reform to Democratization?

I had the distinct pleasure of listen to Dr Ottoway, when she made a presentation of the Carnegiepaper, Islamist movements and democratization last spring( you can find the full text of the paper here). She´s a former teacher at the AUC.

Alf mabrouk ya Abu aardvark!

UPDATE: Apparently i´m not as late as i thought.


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