Sunday, January 08, 2006

2005 , the breaktrough of the Egyptian blog

al Ahram Weekly has a piece on us, the Egyptian Blogosphere. The landscape has became bigger during the year. 500 blogs according to the article . Among the first blogs that caught my eye, was Muhammeds from Cairo with love, Ritzy´s Miss Mabrouk and Orientalism, while those are no longer with us, hopefully not permanently. The Queen of the blogospere, the 0ne and only Baheyya is alive and kicking, and always providing the best insight to things of a sociopolitical nature. Speaking of social, one new star is the Egyptian Mozza, breaking a social taboo, writting on the ins and outs of being in Love.

On 2005 and the future of the Arab blogosphere in general, Haitham, the GV arab world editor has some wise words, also if you haven´t looked at the GV London summit in December, go ahead. You could also read Becky Hogge´s article on the summit

Finaly there is a new arab world aggregator for blogs in arabic and english called toot Welcome and good luck to you Guys.

And a happy 2006 to all of U!


Anonymous Haitham Sabbah said...

Happy New Year to you too :-)

4:38 PM  
Blogger Ibn ad Dunya said...

Thanks Haitham!

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger KO said...


5:32 AM  

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