Monday, December 12, 2005

Voter turnout 26%

The Egyptian Minister of Justice, Abul Leil presented the results of the elections on Saturday. The voter turnout was 26%. The results of the 432 seats contested(12 still to be decided, due to violence and irregularities).

NDP 311
Independents(According to Abul Leil´s vocublary) 121
This is the 121 seats he´s talking about:
Muslim Brotherhood 88
Opposition parties 9
Independents 24(probably NDP-independents)

In a related story, the president has appointed the 10 seats of parliament at his disposal. The appointees are 5 women and 5 Copts, the president´s seats are usually used to balance the parliament in favour of those two groups who in almost every election turn out to be underrepresented. Hala Mustafa wrote an article in the WaPo prior to the elections, pinpointing the less than satisfactory numbers of women(6) and Copts(1) on the NDP candidate lists.


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