Saturday, December 10, 2005

Photos, and statements of third run-off violence

Here is some fellow blogsites that have the best photo coverage of the violence , misrdigital as usual, Baheyya and the Sandmonkey. Beside the 8 people dead, there was widspread violence by police and Balthagiyya(thugs),and the people wanting to vote naturally fighting back. poll stations cordoned of by police and state security, intimidation of voters and candidates and their representatives.Here is the Amnesty International statement calling on the government to set up an independent investigation. The EOHR first statement talks among other things about 355 polling stations that was cordoned off for some parts of the election days, and of polling stations were only people with NDP-membership cards got in to cast their vote, apart from the governates with fatal casualties, Suhag and al Arish(North Sinai)also saw irregularities covering the same spectrum. According to Reporters withoutout borders,the media was also targeted , reporters from al Masry al Youm, a al Jazeera crew was prevented from doing their work. The talented AP reporter Amr Nabil was hurt, while covering clashes between security forces and vould be voters in Zagazig, this is just a small sample. Judges and monitors where also targeted.


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