Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bad Democrat

This month, President Hosni Mubarak is among the candidates of Open Democracy´s candidates for Bad Democrat of the month. The contest started two months ago, and has so far produced two monthly winners. Silvio Berlusconi of Italy and John Howard of Australia amongst stiff competition, from the likes of Robert Mugabe, CIA and Islam Karimov. By the end of the year , there will be 12 candidates , from among whom Open Democracy´s readers will crown Bad Democrat of the year.. The candidates can be individuals or institutions. I was going to call for candidates of Bad Democrat of the parliamentary elections in Egypt in November and December, and also candidates for the Bad Egyptian Democrat of the year award 2005, but will postphone this for a while. Instead urging you to use youré democratic right, and by the way, no voter registration needed! So go cast youré vote on Open Democracy´s website, and please take some time, browsing through their website, it´s in my view among the best on the net.


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