Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Morsi´s first PM

Today , 25 days after becoming President , Muhammed Morsi has selected his first prime minister, Hisham Qandil , minister of Irrigation under the Governments of Sharaf and Ganzouri since August 2011.

An interesting choice with some pros , but also with some clear cons.

The pros as i see it , it shows the importance that Morsi gives to the Nile Bassin issue , it's a top priority and having someone as the head of Government who has in-depth knowledge of the issue is a clear plus. If Qandil proves to be a good diplomat, then this issue can be solved in a way that will benefit Egypt , and the region for years to come. 

I like the fact that Qandil is young , that's also a big plus.

The cons is the fact that he's one more technocrat , what Morsi needs is a strong government with a political agenda that will work day and night for the wast majority of Egyptians. Dealing with the basics , starting with giving priority to the basic demands of the Jan25 demands , bread , freedom , and social justice. This might only be symbolic firsts , but at least the issues has to be adressed in a manner were people feel that the government cares about the Egyptian people. I doubt that Qandil has the political clout to take on this task head on.

I also have problems with the fact that Morsi seems to prefer a weak government , after having complained over the Ganzouri government for monthts. It's only a strong government that has the confidence not only of the president , but also of the people that can make a difference at this point, and the appointment of Qandil indicates that the government will be nothing of the sort , it looks to be one more goverment of mediocracy.

Bellow is an interview with the new prime minister , whom i wish all the best , God knows he will need it.



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