Saturday, June 30, 2012

مطلوب زعيم

Let's start this historic day on a positive note. Today is the innaguration cermony for Egypt's first truly elected president. It should also have been the very last day of the transition period , by now we know that it is not. We are still a long way from what some people has called the second republic.

What we know is that we have a president with curtailed powers , how curtailed will show as we move along. This is supposed to be a day of joy , and maybe in the future we will be able to look upon it as such. Right now i'm just happy that the one whom will be sworn in is not former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.

If Muhammed Muhammed Morsi al Ayyat takes what he says for real , that the people is the authourity that he takes his orders from , if he proves that he is "One of us" then that will help him in the upcoming struggle with SCAF and the state institutions that will be a common feature in the months and years to come.


Anonymous Don said...

I was in Egypt a few years ago and am always an optimist. I wish Egypt good luck! I used sounds I recorded on my travels in Egypt in my music - check it out here -

10:52 PM  
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