Monday, October 31, 2011

In support of and solidarity with Alaa

I want to express my full support and solidarity with Alaa Abd al Fattah , whom recieved a 15-day detaiment by the Military Prosecution at C28. Civilians should not be tried in military courts, full stop. The Maspero incident as such should definitely not be under the jurisdiction of any military court, while the military was an active part the incident. This case symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, they have done a lousy job of convincing the people that they are the custodians of the #Jan25 revolution. They are the single largest stumbling block on the road to a free society , a road that was paved with the blood of the 865 + martyrs whom payed the ultimate prize. I don't have an answer to the question of what should replace the SCAF , i only know that something is terribly wrong in the state of Egypt , and it's a four letter word #SCAF

My thoughts goes to Alaa, Manal and their family.

Please read Sarah Carr's brilliant piece.

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