Monday, July 25, 2011

Six months since January 25th

Six months ago today , the Egyptian Revolution began, this is my tribute to the brave men and women whom risked their lives for a better future for themselves and their country. First among them the 846 + martyrs who never came back. The heroes in this ongoing revolution is the Egyptian people.

Six months on, Ex-president Mubarak is gone , but the system is still in many ways intact. The best way to honour our martyrs is to keep pushing for justice, and the change of the system that kept the pride people of Egypt back for such a long time.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the ones whom was given their authority , by Mubarak, not the people , has proven to be just as bad as one could have expected , and Egypt has lost precious time and momentum , but in the long run i have no doubt that the Egyptian people will come out of this in the same way as they took charge of their own destiny on January 25th. Egypt is changing, and has a bright future.



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