Friday, February 11, 2011

18 days and 32 seconds

18 days ago this started with a demonstration, i had very little hope for a success for that particular it's been an emotional rolercoaster ever since, with what happend in Hajj al Arbaeen in Suez and then on the 28th, this day that was dedicated to the 300 + martyrs. i would like to send a thought and a piece of my heart to all the families who have lost a brother, sister, daughter or son during these 18 days, and also to all those who lost someone due to police brutality and torture during the 29 years , 8 months and 3 days of Mubaraks rule, and perhaps more than anyone my thoughts goes to Khaled Said and his encredible mother, It's seems that a day dedicated to the martyes is also a perfect day for Mubaraks departure, and the beginning of a new dawn for Egypt.

The 18 days was ended by a speech held by Omar Suleiman, it all lasted for 32 seconds, and this is probably the last we will see of both of them. The army is in charge, but i will worry about that, beginning tommorow.

Today is day of joy and celebration, it's also a day that will go down in history books as the day when The January 25th revolution bear fruit, it's been the most fullfiling days of my life , and i'm happy beyond compare.

I will end this post with a video of the crowd at al Tahrir singing the national anthem, the Egyptian people now not only has a great history, but hopefully a bright future, all made possible by the their courage.

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Anonymous Aida Nassar said...

الله يخليلكم بلادكم
أم الدنيا
أم الانتصارات
أم الثورة
أم الإرادة
يا حبيبتي يا مصر

9:54 PM  

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