Thursday, February 03, 2011

Democracy activist Mona Seif interviewed on AJE at al Tahrir

Listen to Mona Seif speaking to al Jazeera english at al Tahrir Square.

If people where not convinced after the speech , yesterday´s show of complete defience of the world community and total disregard for the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people by the regime, by now it would seem abundantly clear that Mubaraks talk of more democracy, is just that - talk to numb the world community, and the egyptian people alike, threating with chaos, a chaos created by nobody else than the regime itself when it withdrew police forces, in what seems to be a cynical calculation to be able to say that it´s either the regime or chaos.

We are entering day 10 of what started as a manifestation, and now is a struggle for Egypt´s future against the Egypt of yesterday, 59 years of military rule, and the emergency law in place since June 1967 until today, with the exception of 16 months from April 1980-October 1981.

This last 10 days has seen the brave Egyptian people all over the country rise in dignity calling for change , In Suez, Alexandria, Cairo, Mahalla and Aswan as well asamong other cities voices for change has been heard, but the answer of the regime has been the iron fist - At least 150 dead and posssibly up to 300 according to the UN High Commisioner for Human Rights, Pillay, added to that is 4-5 people who´d died , and the around 800 injured in the regime orchestrated violence that is ongoing since Yesterday afternoon in Central Cairo around the al Tahrir Square.

The question now , less than 36 hours after the largest demonstrations in the country´s modern history, is if the new Egypt or the Egypt of old will prevail, it´s a question of continued authoritarian rule , or a chance for democracy. In order for that to happen the axtivists need all the support they can get to keep the Tahrir Square a liberated space, so the demonstration can take place tomorrow , the consequences if that fails is nothing short of going back to the Egypt of old , regardless of President Mubarak and his government´s empty promises, hollow words and flowery language.

The comments of White House Press Secretary during Yesterday´s press briefing was probably more to the point , than intended.

MR. GIBBS: The administration believes that President Mubarak has a chance to show the world exactly who he is by beginning this transition that is so desperately needed in his country and for his people now.

The answer to Mr Gibbs and the world is already made, What we saw today is what Prresident Mubarak and his regime stands for, and they will try to cling to power no matter what they say in statements and speeches, using whatever means necessary.



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