Saturday, May 29, 2010

GeekFest Cairo

The GeekFest Cairo is definitely the place to be at tonight, i´m not a techiegeek in any way(geekie in other ways though) but topics and speakers tonight is all inspirational and should be well worth your while. It´s held at the Sawy Culture Wheel from 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. tonight, Meaning it´s just about to start (Sorry for the short notice...)

Speakers schedule

• Ziad Aly | AlZwad

• Naeema Zarif | Creative Commons
What is Creative Commons

• Muhammad Mansour
Social Media for social change or WHATEVER ...

• Mohamed Gaber
Visual Political Agitation

• Ahmed Kelesh
Stand-up Comedy - The Real Deal

• Maggie Osama

• Tarek Amr
Lessons Learned from a Failed Startup

• Ahmed El Lozy
Utilizing technology in short film production

• Abderahman Ghareeb
Open Source disscussion

• Nader Al Saeed
Creative Multimedia

• Noha Atef
New Media vs. Traditional Journalism

• Mahmoud Saber
Fat7enha Forga

• Mennatallah Hossam
Photography slide-show

• Hashem L Kelesh
Don't Dare and Talk to ::: DIJIT :::
Geeky DJ

• Hazem Khaled from Wasmmedia start up demo

• Alaa Abd El Fattah
Human Languages

For more information: GeekFest Cairo Facebook page , or the @GeekFestCairo on Twitter.



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