Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So Egypt has finally got it´s very own contemporary political suphero, Kal-ElBaradei.

I have a great deal to say, but at this point i will be more than happy to give the floor to the one and only, Baheyya, with her unique voice, in her latest blog post, called the wildcard. I´m hoping that this latest development can persuade her to blog more frequently , once again.

Five years ago this month, when Hosni Mubarak made his big announcement about direct, multicandidate presidential elections, he couldn’t have dreamed that five years down the line, he’d face a most unexpected challenger. Someone who is everything that Mubarak and his son aren’t: internationally respected, intellectually nimble, and domestically popular.

Who knows whether ElBaradei has a real chance at the presidency? What’s clear is that his return to Egypt has completely flummoxed Mubarak and his retinue. Up to now, they’ve dealt handily with all the domestic politicians and pressure groups who’ve opposed their rule, ridiculing some, imprisoning others, co-opting still others, and simply exhausting whoever’s left. Along comes ElBaradei, with an energetic mien and an organized plan. His international standing ensure that he can’t be repressed or ridiculed. He’s made it crystal clear that he won’t be co-opted. And the incredible surge of popular enthusiasm that’s enveloped him makes it unlikely that he’ll get tired and retreat.

To continue reading Baheyya.

I´m indebted for this photo, to another great blogger, Moftasa.

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